Angels, Archangels & Ascension

Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Shamanism, NLP, ReikiAngels are high spiritual beings who come from the heart of God (Source or Creator) and are manifestations of unconditional love. They vibrate at a frequency much higher than our range of sight and sound which is why we cannot normally see or hear them although they leave little signs to let us know that they are near us. The most common sign from an Angel is a white feather – if it is found in an unusual place, not under a bird’s nest! They will present themselves in a way that is meaningful to us and occasionally will take on the form of a human if this is necessary to complete some important work.

As we are starting to become more aware of our spirituality and open our hearts we will start to live our lives with love, joy, harmony and abundance which are our birthright.
The Angels are available to call on at any time and not only can we access our Guardian Angel but Angels of any quality who can help to lighten our lives and smooth our paths wherever possible. All we have to do is ask.

There are many thousands of Archangels although we only know the names of a few here on Earth but the Archangels direct our Guardian Angels and the Angels to complete their tasks.

We can call on the Angels to walk by our sides during the good times and bring us comfort during the hard times.

Angel sparkles, ascension, reiki, seichemWhen we open our hearts and try to bring our lives into the fifth dimension this is when we move onto the Ascension path and are able to bring Heaven to Earth. We are able to connect with powerful Ascended Masters and bring their words of wisdom into our everyday lives.

2012 is fast approaching and there are many ways of opening our hearts and raising our vibrations to help us to enjoy the new energies that are coming in, the workshops will be run based on the Diana Cooper School teachings and will help you to make the necessary changes so that you can adapt when the time comes.

In workshops and classes you will be shown exercises and visualisations which will enable you to strengthen your connection with the Angels and how you will be able to bring them into your life. The workshops are fun days, where you will be able to meet lovely, like-minded people.